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  The three main things to think about when you start to plan a party are
  1. Who you are going to invite.
  2. Where the party will be.
  3. What type of party entertainment to hire.

Its best to deal with things in this order and worry about catering and the other final details later. If you haven't yet decided who you are going to invite then you will not really know how big your party venue will need to be. Its also very important to think about who your guests are and will the party venue match their requirements. If you are having a family party like a anniversary, wedding or engagement party then you will have a range of ages on your guest list from very young to the more senior and and your party venue will need to match their needs. For example if the party room is on the first floor and the loos are on ground floor then how will your gran manage the stairs. You will also have to think about your smokers and for them a outside smoking area is essential. This area will need to be safe and easy to get to. However if you are going to have young children at your party, who may wish to run in and out, a smoking area in the venue's a car park may not be secure enough.

Once you have your guests list and considered their requirements, before choosing your party venue then you should also consider the type of party you are having. Will your party venue help create the right party atmosphere for the occasion. For example even if it was very cheap a youth club hall may not be suitable for the lavish wedding reception you are planning, however if its a kids disco then the youth club is perfect. As well as the loos, the smoking area and the venues ambience the other important factor is the time of year. If you are planning a party that falls in the summer months then you will need some way to shut out the light. At almost every party the dancing never really gets going until it gets dark, so drapes and blinds are a must. When you are checking party venues don't forget to look up and see if their are any skylights that cannot be covered over. Great parties that are remembered for a long time are ones when there is lots of dance floor action. If its to light and bright then it will make some people far more reserved and avoid the dance floor completely.

Party DJs in Redbridge

By now you will know where your party will be and who you are inviting to your party. The next big thing to think about is how you are going to entertain everyone and hopefully this is where we come in. If you have loads of money then you are probably going to have a sit down meal at a posh country club with a star studded cabaret for the entertainment. You will also need to hire a professional party DJ to get bums off seats and for when the dancing starts. On the other hand if your financial resources are more limited and you still want your party to be a great success forget the cabaret and just hire the party DJ. Pro Mobile discos provide party DJs in Redbridge for all occasions and are are the versatile entertainment for any occasion. Check our party planning hints and tips page and our advice on planning a surprise party for more info on hiring a reliable mobile disco and party planning.